Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I think this is as auspicious a day as any to start...

Well after much procrastinating and wanting to find THE perfect subject as my first post, I have decided that I am obviously just making excuses and should just jump right on in...no time like the present..and today being 22.2.11 (1+1=2??) surely this is a fabulous day for something..anything...blabbing???

This will therefore be an educational piece...

Top 5 things NOT to do on your first market outing!!

1) Do not miss the entrance to the market once... twice.... three times even...as doing a u-turn towing a caravan in suburbia is not easy and will require a substantial diversion and subsequently some delays, mild stress with the late arrival.

2) Whilst a fabulous theft deterrent, do not break off the padlock key in the actual padlock locking the caravan to the towbar... this not only does not enable the caravan to be dis-attached (word?) from the car, it also requires 2 men, a hammer, a sledge hammer, bolt cutters and considerable grunt to remove same.

3) Do not lose the bolt from the jockey wheel somewhere on the motorway en route to very important first market. This will make stabilising and moving the caravan to prime position extremely difficult if not near impossible.

4) Do not trust the weather man... 28 degrees, no wind and no clouds apparently = 33 degrees, thunderstorms, torrential rain, cyclonic winds mixed with intense bouts of burning rays.

5) Do not take a car load & caravan full of stock...and come home with even more... obsessive compulsive vintage shopping disorder should be monitored at all times & reported to the appropriated authorities!!

The Village Markets on February 6th @ Burleigh however was an outstanding success and the feedback was amazing, so inspiring!!

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